What Would You Do In Case Of A Health Emergency?

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Health Is Not Valued Until Sickness Comes


I was in the fifth month of pregnancy, and the doctor said the baby had a hole in her heart, fluid pooling as it exited the heart, and fluid on the brain.  The doctor's "strongly" recommended termination of pregnancy, but we called Sandra!

Sandra gave me her recommendations, which I followed to the "T" and when it came time for delivery, the pediatric heart and neurosurgeons were ready to take the baby and operate.  But, baby Layla was born as healthy as can be, and the doctors were perplexed!  Thank you Sandra!!  

Tanisha, PA

After a 2006 breast cancer diagnosis, I partnered with Sandra Foster for both nutritional and emotional support.  Together, we formulated a rigorous regime.  I can honestly say within a few days I felt so much better.  And within just two weeks, in spite of chemo treatment, I had great energy, great color and a real positive attitude.  This continued even with 4 months of chemo.  I received many affirming comments from my medical team, family, and friends.  I have a clean bill of health, and have since recommended her to others.  This is not a one size fits all, her approach is customized.  Thank you Sandra for your willingness to guide me and countless others in the right direction.  You have truly been a lifesaver!  

Linnett, NC

I have relied on Sandra for over 10 years now to be my go to resource for health information.  I always consult her before purchasing any health related products.  Her recommendations are always on point!  

Megan, NYC